The Jew Test

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Helmut Stuka

The Jew Test

Post by Helmut Stuka » Fri Jul 15, 2016 1:43 am

[Note: I prepared this yesterday, but did not immediately post it. I just found „Internet ‚Movement‘ Forums“ on National Vanguard, q.v.]

I presume everybody here has read this obscure little book; but looking at other forums (not WB), I realize that few have paid attention. Thus say I: The following should be explicitly integrated into Internet forum rules. It should be memorized by people who do not recognize that the more horrific a Jewish smear against a man, the better that man’s character is likely to be. And it should be stapled to the forehead of anybody who parrots Jew lies, just so he does not lose his copy of it.

Quoting from Mein Kampf, Vol. 1 Ch. 11 (enumerated item 13). You have read this before. Read it again; I myself just reread it twice, and took the liberty of applying boldface to parts some people (not seen at WB) need to get through their thick heads:
Adolf Hitler wrote:Lies and calumnies are part of the method which the enemy employs to express his chagrin.

The man who is not opposed and vilified and slandered in the Jewish Press is not a staunch German and not a true National Socialist. The best rule whereby the sincerity of his convictions, his character and strength of will, can be measured is the hostility which his name arouses among the mortal enemies of our people.

The followers of the movement, and indeed the whole nation, must be reminded again and again of the fact that, through the medium of his newspapers, the Jew is always spreading falsehood and that if he tells the truth on some occasions it is only for the purpose of masking some greater deceit, which turns the apparent truth into a deliberate falsehood. The Jew is the Great Master of Lies. Falsehood and duplicity are the weapons with which he fights.

Every calumny and falsehood published by the Jews are tokens of honour which can be worn by our comrades. He whom they decry most is nearest to our hearts and he whom they mortally hate is our best friend.

If a comrade of ours opens a Jewish newspaper in the morning and does not find himself vilified there, then he has spent yesterday to no account. For if he had achieved something he would be persecuted, slandered, derided and abused. Those who effectively combat this mortal enemy of our people, who is at the same time the enemy of all Aryan peoples and all culture, can only expect to arouse opposition on the part of this race and become the object of its slanderous attacks.

When these truths become part of the flesh and blood, as it were, of our members, then the movement will be impregnable and invincible.
Just to update these otherwise-timeless words from 1924: Read in the entire Jew judicial system along with every reference to „newspapers“. See „lawfare“.

For my part, I would be willing to risk my life on the soundness of the foregoing advice. And I am not just saying that. I actually use it to guide my personal decision-making process. I call it, „the Jew Test“. You pass it if they hate you, and you prove the superiority of your work if they hate you more than they hate others. You prove yourself supreme if they persecute you worse than any other with every attack practicable to them through the media, the shekel, and the courts. If they completely wreck your life (or kill you), you are a saint and martyr.

For the canonical example, consider that the most Jew-vilified man in all history is Adolf Hitler himself. They made a world war against him, and tortured and killed millions of Germans to punish them for admiring him. They invented the Holocaust to vilify him, built half of Hollywood on calumny against him, integrated their smears against him into schoolbooks in all Western countries, and passed laws in many countries imposing criminal penalties for arguing against the defamation of him. And more... According to the Jew Test, Adolf Hitler has made his apotheosis!

For a contemporary example, I found the transparent smear campaigns and extreme personal persecution against certain National Alliance leading lights to be some of their most impressive credentials. They passed „the Jew Test“. I am saying this as an outsider who never before met any of them, spoke to any of them, or had even the slightest self-interest in the matter. That is the principal reason why when I started online activity, I started at National Vanguard and continued here. Not the only reason, but the decisive one.

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Re: The Jew Test

Post by Wade Hampton III » Fri Aug 05, 2016 3:04 am

Conrad Schormann posted...

A relative of mine used to be part of Hitler’s entourage at the
Berghof in the late 1930s and early 1940s. She was the wife of
Hitler’s photographer Heinrich Hoffmann who had been with Hitler
since the early NSDAP days in Munich in the 1920s, as a fawning
follower as well as a mentor when Hitler practised his poses
for pictures. The majority of Hitler photos until 1943 have been
taken by Hoffmann. At the Berghof there must have been countless
occasions when they dined together, watched movies or just hung
out with Hitler giving his notorious monologues. Hoffmann’s wife
later basically described Hitler to me as a nice guy who loved
children and pets and was always good company. That is how she
witnessed him and interacted with him. Unfortunately I never
had the chance to confront her with the bigger picture since
she died before I developed an interest and awareness for
history. So in my memory she remains the woman who frequently
claimed that the nice guy Berghof Hitler she knew can’t have
been a bad person otherwise.
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