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Re: Jamie Dimon's Casino

Post by Wade Hampton III » Wed Mar 25, 2020 1:57 am

Jamie Dimon - Crypto Jew.....?
Is Jamie Dimon Jewish? Jamie Dimon is not Jewish. The JPMorgan Chase
CEO is married to a Jewish woman, but Dimon did not convert to Judaism
before their wedding or during their marriage. Dimon is married to
Judith Kent; they have three children: Julia, Laura, and Kara Leigh.
Crypto Jew?
Crypto Jew?
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https://jewishornot.blogspot.com/2012/0 ... ewish.html

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Re: Jamie Dimon's Casino

Post by Wade Hampton III » Wed Mar 25, 2020 9:54 pm

Jamie's JPMorgan is now sitting on close to one billion
ounces silver bullion. That is BULLION...not PAPER! The greatest
robbery in history is going on right now! How Jamie did it:
The Master Heist!
The Master Heist!
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Re: Jamie Dimon's Casino

Post by Wade Hampton III » Sun Mar 29, 2020 1:23 pm

Miners! Stop Supplying COMEX!


The big banks, including the Federal Reserve and JPMorgan, don’t have
the best interest of investors in mind, says First Majestic Silver’s
CEO Keith Neumeyer. How they manipulate and control precious metals
prices via the COMEX is a blatant example of this. Keith says now is
the time for the miners to stop supplying the COMEX.

In this interview, Keith comments regarding recent precious metals price
action and what this recent stock market crash historically resembles.
He addresses whether one can successfully trade such a volatile and
unpredictable market such as what we are seeing. Furthermore, Keith
addresses some investor questions about First Majestic Silver and how
the company plans to grow. Keith also discusses why he likes and is
a key investor in Silver One Resources.

0:15 Introduction
1:50 Commentary on recent precious metals price action
5:13 Can one successfully trade this current market?
7:05 Gold/Silver ratio commentary
9:41 Historical comparison to recent stock market crash
11:57 How long will this crisis affect the markets?
13:51 First Majestic’s AISC relative to silver spot price?
16:40 Does First Majestic’s debt affect share price?
19:19 Silver reserves relative to First Majestic’s market cap?
21:31 How will First Majestic continue to grow?
23:23 Type of project First Majestic would acquire
25:54 Why Keith likes Silver One Resources

John Weaver posted....

The spooky thing here is watching how the price of physical gold and
silver has decoupled from the spot/paper price. If you go to any of
the big metals dealers, you will find “out of stock “ next to nearly
all products. If you go on e-Bay right now you can still find some gold
and silver, but the premium is insane. 100%+ on silver and a solid 10%+
on gold. Looks to me like - in at least - silver - the price has doubled.
In gold, it’s well on its way. I guess the party couldn’t last forever.
Jamie's Got It!
Jamie's Got It!
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Re: Jamie Dimon's Casino

Post by Wade Hampton III » Sun Apr 05, 2020 1:52 am

The collapse in gold and silver prices last
month - along with the shares of mining companies
- brought losses of hundreds of billions to existing
holders as the value of all the gold in the world
dropped by more than $800 billion. Investors in
precious metals took it on the chin. The main reason
for the precious metals collapse was that the big
commercials [JPMorgan] rigged prices lower so that
they could buy and exit their short positions.

(Ted continues) ...I have been monitoring the financial
scorecard of the seven big COMEX commercial shorts in
gold and silver futures. As of March 13th, their open
and unrealized losses grew to $7.2 billion - by far, the
most in history. The plunge in prices last month reduced
those losses by $5 billion, and now stand at $2.2 billion -
a reduction of 70%! You can believe these traders (along
with JPMorgan) just got lucky, or that they played an active
role in causing the hundreds of billions of dollars lost
by those holding metals and mining shares. That is the
problem with manipulation - the many suffer at the hands
of the few:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_cont ... =emb_title

The CFTC and Justice Department should be ashamed of
themselves for allowing last month's easy-to-prove
manipulation of gold and silver prices. For crying
out loud...there is supposedly an active, full-blown
investigation into precious metals manipulation centered
on (Jamie's) JPMorgan, and the crooks on the COMEX pull
off perhaps...the most blatant manipulation ever! How
is it possible for the CFTC and DOJ to be more inept?
Shame on them....(!)

All along I have insisted that in the event of a massive
selloff, it would be the last such selloff and there
would be no aggressive short selling on the next rally.
The big shorts will likely not put their head into the
lion's mouth again. In the meantime, silver is at an
unbelievable bargain price and it is hard for me to imagine
how prices will not be substantially higher in a short
Chillin' On Ill-Gotten Gains
Chillin' On Ill-Gotten Gains
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Wade says...

My own interpretation of modern history still leaves no
doubt that the biggest financial heist of all time remains
with the FDR gold heist of 1933....I am sure readers of
this forum are familiar with Executive Order 6102!
However, there should be no doubt...Jamie is running a
close second-place!
FDR Still Top Dog
FDR Still Top Dog
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Re: Jamie Dimon's Casino

Post by Wade Hampton III » Wed Apr 29, 2020 4:03 pm

JPMorgan's Trillion Dollar Gambit
Theodore Butler, author.

The single most significant feature in gold and silver market is the market master and dominator, JPMorgan. I understand that some reject how I evaluate the role of JPMorgan in determining prices, but I believe the only thing that matters in these markets is JPM. It has now been more than 11 years that I have had a laser focus on the bank ever since discovering it had inherited the role of big COMEX short seller upon acquiring Bear Stearns in 2008. Over that time, I’ve been able to ascertain that (Jamie Dimon's) JPMorgan has never taken a loss when trading COMEX gold and silver futures. Most importantly, in 2011 they began to accumulate the world’s largest stockpile of physical gold and silver, in amounts I now estimate to being at least 25 million ounces of gold and an even billion ounces of silver. Most remarkable of all, JPMorgan accumulated this physical metal at the bargain prices it created by being the largest short seller in COMEX gold and silver futures and driving down the price. They did so while under active investigation for much of the time by the federal regulator, the CFTC, and later joined by the U.S. Department of Justice.

I fully understand how anyone learning of my findings for the first time would reject them in disbelief, but regular readers have witnessed me cataloguing my findings twice a week for more than ten years. They know I have relied on public data to support my allegations. Recently JPMorgan pulled out all the stops to have, hopefully, finally completed its master plan. I am completely in awe of what I believe JPMorgan was able to accomplish, while openly acknowledging that the bank is a stone cold market criminal. In a nutshell, JPMorgan has been able to eliminate completely its COMEX short positions in both silver and gold and may in fact be slightly net long in both markets. To be sure, there have been times in the past when JPMorgan has held no short positions in COMEX silver and gold futures and for quite some years, the bank has been net long when one considers its large and growing physical gold and silver holdings (despite short holdings in futures). But never has JPMorgan been as truly net long in both gold and silver as it is now. The potential for a dramatic price rise in silver and gold has never been better. The greatest winner in such a price explosion will, of course, be JPMorgan.
Master Of Silver
Master Of Silver
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Re: Jamie Dimon's Casino

Post by Wade Hampton III » Thu May 14, 2020 11:11 pm

Comex shorts still treading on thin ice! Sociopath
Jamie Dimon exposed.....or...the Jamie Dimon daisy-
chain Comex silver shorts are left holding the bag!
Jamie Now Long On Silver Comex
Jamie Now Long On Silver Comex
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"Godisknocking" 1 day ago posted...

Reality check will be with hyperinflation when your
cup of coffee at Starbucks costs $70. And your making
$130 a day at your job. This scenario is going on in
Japan today. Except in Japan these Asians' income has
been adjusted. I just can't see McDonald's paying
their employees $100 per hour to offset the going
prices. However eventually the currency goes the
way of Zimbabwe (formerly White Rhodesia). I recently
bought $5 million Zimbabwe dollars on E bay for $5 US.
This can happen to the US dollar. Eventually all non-
backed currency will fail. It's just a matter of time.

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