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A quote from the May 2003 Issue of Free Speech, Volume IX, No.5
by Kevin Alfred Strom:

"When I think of William Pierce's devotion, persistence and loyalty
to our Cause, and what he bequeathed to us who came after, I
think of what John Wesley Crockett, the son of Davy Crockett,
said after his father died at the Alamo: 'He is gone from among us,
and is no more to be seen in the walks of men, but in his death...
he slew more of his enemies than in all of life.'
"Let's make Dr. Pierce's revolution come true in the hearts and minds
of our people. And then we will remake the State. It will be a revolution
of which Washington and Pierce would both be proud, a revolution worthy
of the words of Francis Scott Key. Stick to the task at hand, whatever comes.
It is dark now, but the jews cannot stop the sun from rising."

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