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We Honkies

Post by Ray W » Thu Jul 09, 2020 2:41 pm

A quote from the American Dissident Voices broadcast of
November 29, 2003, titled "The Nation That Dares Not Speak Its Name"
by Kevin Alfred Strom:

"Who is more likely to survive--the race which denies it even exists, which
is afraid to speak out for its own interests except with weasel words and dissimulation?
Or the race that openly asserts that it is right, moral and necessary that it continue to exist
and that it have its own exclusive territory to guarantee its future? The jews have their
advocates aplenty, born and bought. They have their racial state.

"White people need to shed their fear and show their strength. We need to stand up and
say that it is right and good and moral for our people to survive--for our people to have our
own countries--for White children to continue being born. And the group that is saying that
uncompromisingly and continuously and responsibly in every land where White people dwell
is the National Alliance. Join us today."

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