A Cosmotheist Thing

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Ray W
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A Cosmotheist Thing

Post by Ray W » Sun Jun 14, 2020 2:37 pm

Instead of mocking kikes and their voodoodoo vermin, here's
a Cosmotheist poem:


A sea of sand stretches gritty hands
toward grassy hills and glass-eyed land
urged by winking water and siren air
to go-go-go! some deep somewhere
where thoughts leap unbound
and seed thoughtful ground
still-growing, going and going fate unknown
and slightly night overgrown
with seamed waves of pouring forest aisles
seeking the same stream-source of celestial smiles
beam above, flowing forward in steady unmeasured tread
slow-marching on and on always ahead
silent spinning spirals, blinking light spires
thick or thin out and in they spin, quiet fires
pulsing with higher life yearn-hurting, blind to the goal
yet surging, searching, burning like a million willing suns
dying to one day awaken as the Self-Created one
eternal Whole.

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