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Post by Will Williams » Sun May 26, 2019 2:23 pm

Thanks for that about the "Russian" billionaires associated with Putin, PallidaMort. It's really not too funny (ha! ha! :lol: ), or even too surprising that Putin has these associations with current Jewish oligarchs in his country and in theirs, Israel. He's a politician and that's what politicians do.

But "Vechniy President" Putin (President for Life) has nationalist tendencies for traditional Russians who can make White babies that can't be discounted out of hand. Jews in Russia are less than 1% of the population and their fortunes can changes quickly as they did under Putin earlier in his presidency.

White Americans must build bridges with White Russians no matter who is President of either nation. Look at what a shabbos goy Donald Trump is for Jewry -- more so than Mr. Putin some would argue -- yet he has bought some time for Whites in the U.S. to organize for their own interests, compared to other politicians seeking to be POTUS, before it's too late.

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